Wednesday, 29 March 2017

easter tree cards


hello!here's a quick DIY for the Easter hols...these little cards are perfect for messages and hanging on your Easter branch/tree. They are super easy and don't really need a step by step, they are just for inspiration.
You'll need some card, envelopes, Easter stamps, hole punch/stickers for hole, washi tape, origami paper, double sided tape, stickers and string.
You can make the bunnies by following this guide 

Just make a few bunnies and stick them on to the card, I used brown postcards and added stickers and washi tapes to decorate. The envelopes I used are lunch money ones but any will do. I stamped some Easter messages on them (stamps were from paperchase a few years ago but they still do similar ones) Then I punched a hole through the top and stuck one of those hole stickers over it to make it stronger.
Make sure you write your card and put it inside before adding the string on the top of the envelope. 
Then its ready to hang on your Easter tree.
Other ideas... fill the envelopes with little Easter treats or recipes or you can also write clues on the cards, number them and hang them outside for an Easter treasure hunt. Or make an Easter countdown by putting a date on each one and opening one a day, like an advent calendar.

Thanks for reading!  

Friday, 17 March 2017

Spring banner DIY

step 1
step 2

step 3
step 4

step 5

step 6   

hello...I'm back (so soon)
I have been inspired by spring light and lovely fresh colours and so have made some new DIY's for the new season. First up is this spring banner, very easy and fun to make and can be adapted to any words and colours. Here's how...

You will need:
white card or thick paper, scissors,ruler, letter stickers, circle stickers, string, large eyed needle, hole punch and some yarn/pom pom maker and wooden beads for the trim (optional)

1: cut out 8 rectangles measuring approx 10cm x 6cm and then cut out a triangle shape at the bottom on all the flags.
2: punch holes in the top (see pic for placement)
3: add stickers and letters to the flags
4: if you have a pompom maker you can make 2 pompoms to add at each end (see below for alternatives)
5/6: cut a length of the string 130cm approx and thread a pom pom and 2 beads on to the string then add the flags in the correct order and then add the pom pom and beads at the other end, tie off each end of the string with a loop.

Other ideas...use brown or coloured card instead of white, hand paint your words on if you don't have stickers or cut them out of coloured paper, use shop bought pom poms or use larger beads. Change the wording for each season, birthday, etc. Make a few to spell out messages... the options are endless.
have fun!! I'll be back soon with more spring ideas and some cute bunnies x x  

Friday, 3 March 2017

hello and a D.I.Y

hello...after 15 months of silence I wrote a blog post!
Last year we got an allotment and had a great time digging, planting, growing veggies and flowers. I made some little bird scarers (wind socks) to keep the pigeons away from the seedlings. We hung them in the trees and on sticks...I think they did the trick because we had pretty good crops and they brightened up the plot while we were waiting for things to grow. I made some more to hang in trees in our garden and as they were easy to make I've done a quick tutorial so you can make your own. See the steps below...
step 1
step 2

You will need:
one plastic water bottle
felt scraps (for features)
bright coloured fabric pieces and scraps
bakers string
small sharp scissors (to make the hole)
pins, sewing machine, thread, scissors, tape measure

1- cut the plastic bottles into 1.5cm hoops (you will need one hoop per wind sock) the hoop will form the rigid top part of the wind sock, measure the circumference of the hoop and cut out a piece of fabric 2cm larger and approx 18cm deep
2-3  from the felt cut out the eyes and nose, position them on the fabric (right side up) and stitch on (you could glue on if you prefer)
4- cut 4 strips of contrast fabrics measuring 10cm long x 2cm, space them out evenly along the hem and stitch them on.
5- fold the wind sock in half and sew together the two long open edges using 1cm seam allowance. turn right way out and fit the hoop inside at the top. make a hole at each side at the top (through fabric and hoop) and thread/tie some string through to make the hanger. (this also keeps the hoop and the windsock together)
They are great for adding some colour to the garden but you could also make them for kids rooms or nurseries. Hang by the window and they will blow happily in the breeze.
If you are making them for indoors you could use cardboard tubes to make the hoops instead of plastic bottles and you could glue it all instead of sewing. 

Hope all is clear :) I am keeping comments switched off for now just to see how it goes but you can always send me a message on FB or instagram.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

shop update and thank you discount voucher...

hi, I'm not sure if there is anybody still reading blogs these days but I am going to keep posting here with shop updates and tutorials just in case. I have been busy with my digital printed fabric, I am so happy with how they turned out and have made up some cushions and a patchwork using them. they are now listed in my etsy shop
As a little thank you for those who still pop by, here is a voucher code for 20% discount, just type TEAWAGON20 at the checkout to get your money off. (Valid until 20th November) There are lots of new prints, postcards and some one of a kind christmas stockings so you could do a spot of early christmas shopping :) 
I'm working on a few book commissions again but when they are finished I will be thinking up some festive how to's to share in december. x x thanks for reading x x

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Patchwork panels...

a while ago I was working on some fabric designs, at the same time I was also making up some vintage patchwork quilts. The vintage fabrics were lovely but my supply was running out. So I thought about designing some fabrics I could use in the patchworks...

the large flower print in the background is also available
  then that idea developed further into a patchwork panel design... how very '70s and retro I thought.
so I designed a panel based on my quilts below.

The panel is printed with different squares of retro inspired patterns which look like a vintage patchwork you can simply sew it up with wadding and backing and make a super quick quilt or you could use it for cushions or bags, anything you like really. 

the panel is printed by a UK company called Woven Monkey and they will print any design digitally onto a selection of different fabrics...they also have an option to set up an account so others can buy your designs too.

I had a think about how to make this work so the panels would be available for you to buy and make your own quilts and this seemed like the best way.
To buy the patchwork panel you can visit the shop here and choose the design you want, then pick the size (sample/FQ/or metre) For this quilt I ordered a metre of (Pop Patchwork) onto 100% cotton. ** Please note the layout may look distorted until you click on the metre size then it will look as it will be printed** Printing takes around 7-10 days. 
One panel makes a quilt approx 100cm x 145cm and all you need to do is add the backing, binding and wadding. To make it look more realistic I top stitched along the squares. It took me less than three hours to make up this quilt. 
I realise this fabric is not for the true quilters amongst us, but thought it was a good way to offer up all the designs on one panel and would be ideal for beginners. Also it does work out cheaper than buying all those different fabrics.
I will be adding more designs to the site too, so keep checking back.

* If you are wondering where the comment box has gone I have de-activated it because I wasn't able to check often enough and it was full of holiday home spam...if you want to get in touch you can message me on FB//Etsy or instagram as I check there regularly, sorry for the inconvenience :) thanks for reading x x